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What are the benefits of
baby wearing? 

Oh, let us count the endless benefits. Baby wearing is a game changer for many parents and we're going to tell you why! 

Calmer baby

Calmer Baby

Let's face it; babies like to be held, so no surprise here that carried babies tend to cry less and are much calmer. 

Hands - free

Water those plants, sweep the floor, pour yourself a cup of coffee - baby wearing allows you to perform everyday task with baby in tow. 

Nurse discreetly

Nurse Discreetly 

Out and about, and baby decides it's time to eat? Nurse while on-the-go while maintaining privacy.

Encourages Bonding

Baby is able to hear the rhythmic beat of the carrier's heart. This is great for helping the baby learn new heartbeats as well. 



Running errands? Placing a baby in a ring sling is more convenient than assembling a stroller or carrying a heavy car seat.